Above All

Above All - Michael W Smith

Above all powers, thrones, nature, created things, wealth, wisdom and treasures. There's no way to measure what You're worth! I want to add a word to this song that was left out. That's the word JESUS! That's who we worship today and always. Today I want to say that in the midst of all my sin and and failings I just simply love Jesus with all my heart. The One who is so awesome and incredible that He made the universe and then became human to show us how much He loves us. He IS above all. Let's worship Him. Have a blessed Sunday.


SuzyQ said…
No matter what my sins and failings I know two things for sure.
I love Jesus with all my heart.
And he loves each and every one of us too.
Have a blessed Sunday Mike.
happyone said…
Such a beautiful song.
How wonderful to know and love Jesus and to know he loves us no matter what.
Linds said…
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for popping by!
Andrea said…
I love that song. I cannot understand people who do not believe in HIM.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
zakscloset said…
oh that's such a beautiful song! and thanks for the nice encouraging comment on my blog!! yes love is good. i'm going to pray so i can stay in the uk :^)
Paulie said…
Even little children know that Jesus loves them BUT when we learn more of Him, we are truly blessed in knowing His gift to us clearly.
Gudl said…
That is so true. I love Jesus, too!
Jesus is Lord!!! I love this song and Micheal W Smith is one of my favorite singers.

thanks Mike
deena said…
Jesus is our inheritance,our love our all.Blessded be His name now and forever.Beautiful songs-enjoying listening to - on my day off-