To Forgive

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Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
Luke 6:37

Have you ever fallen into a sin that pulled you up short and made you think, 'Whoa! Where did that come from?'. Recently I had this experience when I thought I was standing strong and I fell. It honestly took me by surprise. It is the amazing message of the gospel that God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and we know that whatever we have done, we can take it to the cross and be made pure and clean once again.

God also used this occasion to speak to me about forgiving others. At the time I had been struggling with forgiving someone and I realised that I myself had fallen unawares because of my sinful nature that was buried and trying to rear its ugly head again. I had unconsciously been thinking myself better than the one who had sinned against me. God showed me that I was by no means better. My sins may be different to those I hold grudges against but they are no better or worse.

Sidharth at Imrah Ministries has written a very helpful post on this subject. Do go and have a look, and if you are struggling with forgiveness today then pray a bold prayer and ask God to show you how much He has forgiven YOU and realise that all who sin are slaves to sin and we need to love and forgive our fellow brothers and sisters.


Barbara said…
Just how the enemy comes, when we least expect it. He tempts us and then turns round and says 'just look at you'. How great we have a God who tells us there is no condemnation once we have repented. Of course God also uses the enemies temptations to show us some truth so in the end good did come out of evil.
Wonderful picture on skywatch
I just love Don Moen stuf. Have most of his C.D.'s
I have a Video on my post which I am sure will bless you Mike.
Paulie said…
Unfortunately, sometimes we take it to the cross and instead of leaving "IT" we pick it up and take it with us again. BUT, isn't God good???????
imac said…
What a great thought out photo for your reading, tis well framed and mind provoking.
Well done Mike.

Playing catchup,
Back from Ireland and sorting photos,but the jars are now revealed.
Andrea said…
I try not to judge but sometimes that is hard living in this fleshly body. And it is hard to forget once I forgive but time heals.
Sharon said…
I was just having a conversation with my Dad a couple of days ago - we were joking that we aren't judgmental, we're just observant :) But it is something we have to guard against, and I really needed to be reminded of that. Thank you :) God uses you with your well-timed posts.
wonderful writing, as usual.
GrandmaK said…
"...pray a bold prayer..." Thank you. It's hard to be bold sometimes in prayer, but to be bold in asking for forgiveness, standing and saying I have sinned does indeed require boldness and as a result be gain the affirmation that we are forgiven. God Bless you, Mike! Cathy
I always love visiting here, Mike. We must all remember to "take heed least you fall". Our enemy (satan) knows just how to tempt each of us. We must never forget that. BUT our God is bigger!!!!
zakscloset said…
so true! i do believe in karma!! i noticed my own sin always comes back to me x10!!!
Sidharth said…
Amen, Mike. I love Don Moen's music too. They are my favorite. You should listen to a song "Be Magnified" by Don Moen. Wow that song is superb!

Bless ya!

happyone said…
Sometimes forgiving someone is so hard to do but then when you do, you feel so much better afterwards.
Gudl said…
That was a very good reminder!!!
I needed to hear that, too.