Skywatch #11

Quarteira, originally uploaded by duopastorale.

Can you help God spread out the skies as hard as a cast metal mirror?
Job 37:18

I guess the answer to that question is 'No'. Can you imagine how amazing and wonderful God is to have made this from nothing? We have a BIG God! I took this from the balcony of the apartment I stayed in Portugal last week. It was a joy each evening to watch the sun disappear, always so different.

Today is Skywatch Friday (although I notice that it has become Thursday of late!). Please visit Tom at Wiggers World for some more links to sky photos all around the world. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Fantastic and a wonderful photo. Wow! Well done:)
Snap Catch said…
nice catch! mine's up too hope you can drop by.
Wow! fantastic one, mine's too hope you can drop by.
ellen b said…
Absolutely glorious!
Old Wom Tigley said…
Our Thursdays are someone elses Fridays Mike... I like this sky you have for us today
alexander said…
Stunning photo. Beautiful colours with a fantastic setting.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! -
Carletta said…
Magnificent! I don't believe I would have wanted to come home.

As for Thursdays - some of us like to get in on the fun early.
Anonymous said…
So you were in Portugal last week?
And did you enjoy it?

Had you said something and I would have had the great pleasure to give you some tips about our country.

But, my friend, believe me it took your eyes to see the beauty of Quarteira!
Anne-Berit said…
John said…
Stunning shot!
Daniel J Santos said…
That's a photo from a beautiful place, Quarteira, Portugal.

From my Portugal...

zakscloset said…
wow! what a beautiful place you stayed in!! you need to tell me which hotel it was, for my future reference :^)
Andrea said…
Wow, that is beautiful. I cannot understand people who do not believe in God. There is no way a sun could know what to do on it's own. God guides it in the direction it needs to go each second of the day.
dot said…
Wow, that's a beautfiul shot!
Gudl said…
That is a beautiful view,too!
I was sitting at the ocean today and thinking the same, that our God is so BIG!
Anonymous said… ~suz.
Ida said…
Amazing shot!
So beautiful! :)
Soft colours in pastel.

Anonymous said…
Mike, thanks for the comment.
If you ever come back, feel free to knock at my blog if you wish for some tips.
And if you think of Oporto, and other northern cities like GuimarĂ£es, Braga, Viana do Castelo, then feel free to also knock at my door!
Britt-Arnhild said…
The colours in this photo are amazin.
Yes, we have a fantastic Creator!
guild-rez said…
Wonderful pictures with amazing colours.
Thank you for your visit and comment.
- Cheers.
Dottie said…
Wow, that's a really cool shot!
Marie said…
Beautiful sky and view!
Angie said…
The colors of the sky seem to be mimicked on the ground. Gorgeous!
This view is as a dream!

I think that isn't sky, but Heaven!

In this week I haven't a good shot to post!

Sharon said…
What a beautiful view :)
Kathiesbirds said…
Wow! What a sight! Sunsets over the ocean are hard to beat!