Thank you!

Thank you to Paulie for this award. It is such a blessing to know that people read and appreciate this blog. Thank you! The rules of the award dictate that I pass it on to 10 others so here goes!

1. Britt-Arnhild Britt writes beautifully and amazes us with her creative talents in Scandinavia.
2. The Little House in the Forest Gudl lives in the most beautiful part of New York State. It's a Winter wonderland and reminds me of Narnia. Her photos of the wildlife are just great!
3. Imrah Ministries Sidarth and his team write passionately about the Lord and study the Bible in depth. I am constantly challenged by his faith and scholarship.
4. Made for Joy Suz has recently moved house to Wordpress and her new blog is just beautiful. Her thoughts are reflective and thought provoking. A complete joy!
5. Brush Strokes from the Heart Wanda! What can I say? I am very fond of visiting Wanda's blog. She has a heart of gold and a brush that will delight you!
6. Photos from the Mind's Eye Imac has a cheeky sense of humour and comes up with some really stunning photography.
7. Mulled Vine Robert's place is the place to have great discussions on theology and the world with the occasional post to make you laugh.
8. Unmasking Shirley downunder produces some great posts that are meaty and thoughtprovoking. She is also a great songwriter and sometimes posts her songs on You Tube. Her blog also looks GREAT. How did she do that?
9. Notttingham Zakscloset. Is that really your name? I love visiting Nottingham and zaks comments here always make me chuckle. A blog with a fast food theme.
10. Present Tense Andrew is a fellow music teacher over there in Arkansas. He is also a gifted writer and was recently spotted doing a book signing!

I thought it would be difficult to choose 10 blogs but I find that I got through the list very quickly! If you are not here it doesn't mean that I don't think your blog is amazing! Have a great weekend everyone and thank you again for your support and comments.


Sidharth said…
Thank you, Mike =)

We are humbled...

Sidharth and the team
Anonymous said…
Kind thanks, Mike! :)
dot said…
Congratulations on your award!
COH said…
Hi Mike,please do stop by when you can and pick up your award. Godbless you
zakscloset said…
wowwww!!! congratulations and thank you for listing me!! and thanks for the other links too! oh my real name is kazue. can you pronounce it? :^P
imac said…
Many thanks Mike, You are too kind my friend.Im honoured, thanks again.
Gudl said…
Yes, thank you very much from me, too! I feel honored, too!
Vielen Dank ;-)
Shirley said…
Thank you, Mike, for this and your always welcome visits and comments over at Unmasking.

And how does one make a blog look great?? - Play with the 'Layout' feature. Lots of fun!!
happyone said…
Congratulations on on your award. You certainly deserve it.
GrandmaK said…
Heartiest congratulations, Mike! Cathy
Congratulations on this award, Mike. You certainly deserve it. You do have a Blog of Excellence always.
Mulled Vine said…
Thanks Mike. I feel very unworthy since the blog has kinda fizzled out for a while. Your encouragement is appreciated.