Push Through

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When she heard about Jesus, she came up behind him in the crowd
and touched his cloak, because she thought,
"If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed."
Mark 5:27-28

Would you like to hear some good news? I mean news so amazing that it would change your life? It is quite simple but so wonderful that we sometimes hardly dare to believe it. It is this; God loves you. It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done. That guilty feeling that sits in the back of your mind, sort of vague and cloudy, may stop you believing this amazing fact. Maybe others have told you how bad you are, how much God disapproves of you.

This lady had been suffering for years from an incurable condition that made her an outcast. She was not to be touched. She was unclean, unworthy of normal interaction and certainly spiritually damaged. Who knows what she thought of herself after all those years of being shunned and avoided. But she pushed through the crowd. She believed that God might just touch her. She refused to believe that God had completely rejected her. And she met Jesus. God reached out and touched her from heaven as she pushed through the crowd. He showed her that she was precious and loved. If you're in that place today, just push through to Jesus. Seek Him, wherever you are, and know that God sees you. He sees your faith, your suffering, your need, your failure and your sin, and He will touch you as you reach out and touch Him.


Gudl said…
That is the good news!!
Andrea said…
Wonderful .....great post Mike.
imac said…
Well put Mike, you have a way with words.
Paulie said…
Your post reminded me of a group we have here in Vancouver. . . it is called "Friends of the Carpenter"and is a ministry t the homeless.

They actually gather wood from companies that are tossing scraps because of some imperfection in it and then teach homeless men how to make beautiful wooden objects from it which they do not sell, but ask for donations of money for the finished products.

This is not all they do. This group was started by a retired pastor. They have a ministry of sharing God's Word with those who visit daily and also offer a meal.

One day, I hope to go over there and volunteer. I have bought several wooden things from them and they have turned into something beautiful from scrap wood! Kinda like what God does for us huh?
happyone said…
What a wonderful feeling to know that God loves me!!
Mike - love this post - we spoke of this verse on the retreat this week-end.

This is beautiful and it is true sometimes we think we have to do something for God to love us - we must act a certain way when really - HE loves us...nuff said..

michaelonbass said…
God's love for us is mind-boggling!
granmal said…
What a wonderful way to share your faith. I am so thankful that God cared enough to send His Son so that we can have eternal life. Love so amazing and true!
Suz said…
Good stuff, Mike. He loves to love us and shower us with mercy! He gives us so much; it's like all he asks us to to do is reach for him/ask.
Sidharth said…
Amen, thats the greatest message in all history!

good news is always good news! :)
Wanda said…
Had He only loved the lovely ~~ where would I be? I push through with all my ugliness and broken pieces and touched Him and he made me Whole too!!

Mike you send out the Word, and it will not return void ~~ but will accomplish just what God has planned for it!

Right on, Pastor Mike
Angie said…
Thank You Lord!

A word comes to mind...relentless.
I want to be relentless in my pursuit of Him. I've always loved the picture of that woman in the crowd.
Steve said…
A very reassuring message.
zakscloset said…
what a beautiful story! and a very nice picture too!!