St Cuthman's

St Cuthman's, originally uploaded by duopastorale.

Be still and know that I am God
Psalm 46

After my last post I went on retreat for a couple of days and found this lovely spot at the place where I was staying. It seemed remarkably similar to the photo that I chose to go in my previous post. I did find here a resting place and was able to let go and focus again on the important things.

I also found some guidance on what to do with the time given me. These are taken from a Benedictine Centre. I share them here in brief and hope that you might find them useful;

  • Slow down and rest
  • Do nothing
  • Prayer
  • Browse in the library
  • Nature walk
  • Talk
  • Dialogue with your body
  • Make a list of your values
  • Art
  • Write yourself a letter
  • Life inventory
  • Life review
  • Journalling


Wanda said…
Oh Pastor Mike...this is so very good. I spent two years studying the Spiritual Disciplines. Reading everything I could get my hands on, and then trying to live it out in practical ways. Your list, is very close to many of the things I was studying.
In fact, I make a workbook, and taught it at a Women's Retreat and it seemed helpful to many of those women looking for a deeper spirital walk.

Love this Mike, and love how you share your journey with us.
Gudl said…
Yes,Pastor Mike, I enjoy your blog, too. I did 'steal' your music for my blog, I hope you don't mind. I like it so much!! Thank you.
Angie said…
Be still and know that I am God.

I've been contemplating that very verse. How do I accomplish it when I'm so busy with work, mothering, being a wife, and on and on? I want to go to that place in the picture you posted, but have asked God to create that picture in my heart in the busyness of it all.

Laure at
was on the same page and ministered to me this same truth.

Thank you, Mike, er Pastor Mike. I think it's fitting. It's good to have you back.
Suz said…
I LOVE this song. :)
Paulie said…
Great post to go with that photo. I love seeing a resting place in such a serene, beautiful location! You were missed. Hope your retreat provided what you needed.
GrandmaK said…
Wonderful guidelines...sort of like a road map to get you where you need to be. Thank you...Cathy
Amrita said…
Very beautiful song.
The retreat sounds so refreshing and the photo so peaceful
Andrea said…
Oh, I want to sit in that chair. Relax, meditate on God's beautiful creation.

Love the song you posted. Very meaningful.
My two favorites are browsing in the library and journaling!
Barbara said…
What beautiful photos. Glad you enjoyed your retreat so much.
Write a letter to myself - now I would really have to think about that one!
Debbie365 said…
That photo is so perfect. The song is one of my favorites also. It really is just like the photo on your previous post! I guess when something catches your eye, it just catches your eye!
Kim S in SC said…
I love this verse. Just reading it as I look at this picture gives me refreshement. Thank you!
Praise HIM!
Kerri said… is amazing how both shots look so similar.

I hope you found the rest you needed! You may not know it...but you touch many lives!
michaelonbass said…
It does remind me of the other photo.

Quite a list, too!