Get Up & Get Going

My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

The theme of Christianity is rising again! Regardless of what tripped you, allow God's power to lift you today and put you back on your feet again. People who never experience failure are often people who don't do anything. There's a certain safety in being dormant. Nothing's won, but nothing's lost. Personally, I'd rather walk on water with Jesus. I'd rather nearly drown and have to be saved, than to play it safe and never know His power.

If you intend to accomplish anything for God, then learn to react to adversity like yeast. When the heat is on, it rises! The hotter it gets, the more it rises. God will set you in uncomfortable places so you can rise. Look at the children of Israel in Egypt. The more the enemy afflicted them, the more they grew. The bad times often do more to strengthen us than all our mountain top experiences put together.

So you fell again! Get up again! If a baby had to learn to walk without falling, he'd never walk. He learns as much from falling as he does from his first wobbly steps. If things don't work one way, try another. You'd be surprised how many people never focus on a goal. They do several things haphazardly, but they never discover how forceful they could be if they ever decided to commit themselves totally to a cause. The difference between the masterful and the mediocre is a focused effort.

Copied from UCB Word for Today. Free issues are available here for the UK and Republic of Ireland.


I love that Bible verse because I am one weak lady, but with Christ I am strong!

Hey Mike, I just came across some really neat verses on "rest" while reading in II Chronicles this morning. Check out chapter 14 verse 11 and chapter 15 verse 15.

Very cool how even in troubled times, God will give His rest as we lean on Him and seek Him with all our soul.
dot said…
How wonderful that he loves us and forgives us inspite of our failures!
Your never defeated until you quit. I, for one, don't intent to quit!!!
Carla said…
Wonderful thoughts! How very comforting it is to know His grace.
Suz said…
glad you enjoyed the snow photos -- fun. :)
Gudl said…
I like that! The yeast comparison is great.
Wanda said…
Hi Pastor Mike...Another wonderful lesson and scripture.
The lesson of the yeast, reminds me of the diamond...a clump of coal...under pressure and heat become a diamond.

You are a diamond, Mike!
Kim S in SC said…
I prayed this verse last evening after reading your blog and as I began teaching a new Bible study. Thank you for the reminder!
I Praise Him for His strength!
Suz said…
you know what strikes me about these words? the need for community--and how when the baby falls it does so in a family that is there to help it up and walk alongside as it develops and learns. the family of God is the same way. thankfully, we are not alone. peace!
michaelonbass said…
Repeated focus effort! Can't repeat without starting over...I think that is a good part of what repentance is all about. And if we had it all right, we wouldn't be here!!!
lance said…
Splendid post!
Christine said…
I am so enjoying all of the wonderful pictures. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing. It is wonderful the way you are spreading God's word.