Get in the Boat

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Then the Lord shut him in
Genesis 7:16

Noah was a man called by God. He was asked to do something irrational. Building a huge boat in the middle of nowhere meant he was either totally mad or perhaps in the know about something. Can you imagine the ridicule he must have attracted? I suspect that even his family thought he was a sandwich or two short of a picnic. And yet, God had Promised Noah. He made a covenant with him that as he obeyed and built the ark, so God would save him and all his loved ones. Noah was not surprised when that deluge came but I suspect that many had to eat humble pie. For most, it was too late.

But Noah and his family were safe in the ark, a symbol of the sure salvation that comes through Jesus Christ. As we obey by believing in the One God has sent (John 3:16-17) so we will be saved from the dreadful judgement that is surely still to come upon the earth. Fortunately, God does not ask us to do a difficult thing like building a huge boat, but simply to believe in Jesus Christ and walk into the salvation that has been prepared for us. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved (Acts 2:21). In that we are eternally secure. I wonder, has God shut you in?

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Sidharth said…
Excellent snap....

God's salvation is complete and secure as long as we are in the boat.

However, its vital we go beyond and work out our salvation through obedience. We can be saved and still not enjoy the benefits of our salvation.That is a sad state to be in.

And always remember, the boat is never a luxury liner!

Thanks for visiting!
Sharon said…
Amen!! It's good to be "in the boat" :)
"A sandwich or two short of a picnic"?! You are precious, Mike!
Yes, that's what we look like when we walk by faith- sometimes crazy and dangerously close to the loony side. But I've never been more convinced of this-that faith filled people have the soundest minds!
Angie said…
Yes, He's shut the door. I sometimes can smell the animal doo, but that's ok because I'm safe within.
Bestemor-Aud said…
Thank you for continously pointing at THE WAY of life and salvation, which is the same for every man and woman!
And reminding of the riches of being a child of God!
We need this in our time - where so many different woices is calling for our attention.
Wanda said…
What a gracious God, to only ask us to believe and accept.

I'm passing on to you the "You Make My Day" award that Marie gave me! You deserve it~!!
LOL :)
GrandmaK said…
Thank God for the gifts He as bestowed on us all. There are some days though that I feel like I have fallen overboard and am just treading water...You feel like that sometimes? Cathy
Andrea said…
Glad to be in the boat. We proably won't ever meet here on this earth but I will see you in heaven one day.
Paulie said…
Yes, God has "shut me in" but I am not confined -- I have the promise of salvation thru Him because of it. Yet, I am still in the world to bring others to Him, to close the door on the world but not His people who need to learn of His Grace for all.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Sidharth. If we read the story of Noah again, we realize that his obedience meant that he had to build the boat, i.e. he had to take action.

And I don't think that building that boat would be an easy task. The ark's _huge_ and being quite alone and perhaps only with the help of his family of that few, it's not too difficult to imagine that it'd be a most strenuous task.

Likewise, obedience shall 'shut us in on the ark of salvation', but we need also remember that it will take a lot of effort to be truly obedient.

Great reminder, Mike!

Shalom Aleichem.
Ann (MobayDP) said…
I watched a sermon recently on 3ABN that spoke about the Noah and the flood. It highlighted the faith of Noah in a way that I had never thought about it before. May God help us all to have that kind of faith in the heat and misery and stench of this life.
Rosy said…
A Very good question, and this I have no ideal how to answer.
ChrisJ said…
A very timely reading, as I am in Genesis for my daily readings. As much as I think I know these Old Testament stories, I always find something new to think about.
Kim S in SC said…
I'm both giggling and awed! Loved the "one sandwich or two short of a picnic" comment. Oh, but the security of knowing we are hedged in by HIS love! Awesome God. Super post! Thanks!
happyone said…
Yes, I am happy to say that I too am shut in the boat.