As The Deer

As the deer - Salvador

In this season of Advent when we wait for the coming of Christ I wonder if we are thirsty for Him? This time of year can get so easily crowded out with other concerns. The pressure of materialism can begin to weigh upon us and the worries of family and finance threaten us. Just worship Him with this song and let's ask God to deliver us from anything that's not of Him this season. Have a blessed Sunday.


Nihal said…
Happy, happy Christmas..
We're so glad you're here.
Deliver snow and mistletoe -
Send your warmth and cheer.
Grant us joy,
Supply your grace -
Bring warmth and hope
To every place..
..And when you've done
Just these things three -
Fall on me.
Fall on me.

Agree with you. How nice that song, thanks for letting us listen, loved it! Peaceful one...
Angie said…
Mike, you know I love that song.

Yes, my soul longs after Him!

Have a blessed day,
dot said…
Very good advice Mike!
GrandmaK said…
No pushing and shoving here...Want to relax and enjoy the quiet of the season, rest in the love of Our Lord. Good Day!!!
Debbie365 said…
That is one of my favorite songs. It's so peaceful and flowing.
Gudl said…
That is a great worship song. Thanks for putting it up!
Mulled Vine said…
What's with the two guys shaking beads? I mean, two guys, both miked up! They're even synchronised! :-D

Forgive my quirky sense of humour. Its a lovely song.
Andrea said…
Great post. Very nice song.
Sandy Carlson said…
Good advice, indeed, Mike. You know, what little we bought we purchased online. That let us remember the people we love with a little gift without losing sight of why we do it this time of year. Sure do thank God for the Internet!
Rick said…
Enjoyed the worship - loved the photo in the post below.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing this, Mike.

This is one of my favorite worship songs since I first heard it sung by the Maranatha! Singers as a young Christian.

It remains one of my wife's favorites too.

God bless, and Shalom!
A Woman Who is: said…
This is such a lovely encouraging blog. That song was just what I needed tonight. Thanks for sharing it.
Steveunohoo said…
As the Deer is one of my favourite contemporary worship songs and it is beautifuly rendered on this disc recording.