Sunday Worship

Have you discovered God Tube yet? I found this song there; East to West, by Casting Crowns.

Today is Remembrance Sunday, and we are looking forward to having our morning service outside the church in the middle of the High Street and the busy shoppers. Have a blessed Sunday.


Rosy said…
Now I know what I like for christmas, Speakers so I can hear this message here! :(
Wanda said…
Mike I really like the idea of Church outside among the people! If they won't come to us....we'll go to them. Sounds like something Jesus would do> ((smile))
Robert Morschel said…
Great song and thanks for the link to godtube. I've been very down lately and music is the one thing that keeps me "connected".
Mike said…
Great to hear from you Robert. Prayers for you. God bless.
mry said…
Good song ,good video.Nothing short of a miracle that we have been cleansed by His blood. What a wonder when we come to Him in prayer & contrition. Thanks for that, Mike.
Gudl said…
I love the song! Yes, I knew GodTube already, it is great that it is out there!
I hope your church outside went well...great idea.
The "Lifehouse" Everything Skit is on it, too, do you know that one?
Nihal said…
Very good song, thanks for sharing! Honestly saying, this blog is much more informative than the other one (hope no angry), and will be stopping by here:)
Love Casting Crowns!

I'll be posting a book giveaway contest tomorrow. Please stop by and feel free to spread the word!

God bless :)
WebOJ said…
I'm glad I came across your blog.
lance said…
Casting Crowns is one of my favorite groups.
Love the song.