A Way Out

The Maze, originally uploaded by Skinnyde.

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.
And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted
beyond what you can bear.
But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out
so that you can stand up under it 
1 Corinthians 10:13

Life can often be very confusing and difficult. We are faced with choices and sometimes we make the wrong decisions and find ourselves in a dead end street or in a place of temptation that we were never meant to be. We misinterpret God's voice, or choose to ignore it, and eventually we realise that we're going nowhere fast. Such is our sinful nature. The maze of twists and turns can stretch far back into our past and it can be disheartening to realise that we are not going to be able to unravel this on our own. The 'if onlys' we rehearse in out minds can be very discouraging if we dwell on them.
But look at today's scripture. God provides us with a way out. If confess to him our lostness and our sin, he will graciously take us by the hand and lead us out to safety. Our past decisions and turns cannot be undone, but God in his mercy and grace can take us from where we are and show us a different path that we didn't even know was there, and he is amazingly able to make all things good in our untidy lives (Romans 8:28). That's ALL things.
I wonder if you are in a place of discouragement today because of some wrong decision you've made? In spite of what you feel, God does not reject you, he is out looking for you! If you come to him in repentance he will forgive you and show you a way through that complicated maze you've made. All you need to do is take your eyes off the surrounding problems, believe with all your heart that he loves and forgives you, look up and listen carefully to his voice. It may not come immediately, but eventually you will find your way out into an open and spacious place.


Wanda said…
What a perfect combination of scripture and photo. You just have the gift my dear friend, Mike!
Sidharth said…
This reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Don Moen:

God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way, He will make a way.

By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His Word will still remain
He will do something new today.

Here's the song: God will make a way

Sidharth said…
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Sidharth said…
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Angie said…
That was wonderful! God is not the author of confusion, is He? May His word always be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Sidharth, I remember the song and love it. Thanks!
michaelonbass said…
Just happened to have been reading 1 Corinthians last night at bedtime...and this was the last verse I read before going to sleep.

Nothing profound to say about it, just saw this and thought it was one of those little signposts along the way and thought I'd share...
lance said…
In Mississippi we make mazes like that come the fall. They are fun at the time but very confusing when you get lost. Alot of times you need to ask someone how to get out. Life is alot like that. We are to be the one to tell others of the One who showed us the way out.
Debbie365 said…
Very well said, and a wonderful visual as an analogy. You know, it isn't only the non-Christian who lose their way. Sometime, we as Believers can get ourselves into some messes. Isn't it wonderful to know that the same Saviour who is there with open arms for the lost, is also there with open arms for us? I'm inspired with the favorite song idea from sidharth. This one is from Bill Gaither:

Something Beautiful, Something Good
All my confusion, He understood
All I had to offer Him
Was brokeness and strife,
But He made Something Beautiful
of my life