Who Is This?

Sunset, originally uploaded by Mor (bcnbits).

Who is this?
Luke 8:25

Who is this, who sleeps through a terrifying storm and then speaks a word to calm the wind and the water? Who is this, who then steps on to the shore and meets a demoniac and sets him completely free? Who is this, who raises his friend Lazarus from the dead, turns water into wine, heals a blind man, purifies a lepers skin, forgives the sin of an adulterer, gives a cripple his legs again, raises a man's servant from the dead, feeds 5,000 people with a few rolls and some fish, walks on water, and is then brutally murdered and gets up and walks out of his own grave.

Who is this? It's Jesus Christ. The Son of God. The Messiah. God incarnate. He's the first person I spoke to this morning. He promised to be with me today. He said he'd never leave me. He said that if I get tired then all I need to do is lean on him. He told me to ask anything I want and he'll answer. He said I would do all the things he did, and more! He called me his friend! What a day I'm going to have!


SuzyQ said…
This post brought tears to my eyes...Seriously. So beautiful:0)
Friendship with Jesus is the most precious friendship of all isn't it?
God Blessxx
Gudl said…
Aren't we glad we know Him?
Thanks for this uplifting post!
Andrea said…
Great post. I keep forgetting about this blog. I will have to remember to check it more often since it is so inspiring.
Sidharth said…
And He is the same Jesus today. =)


inspired said…
A real live living Spiritual Friendship :] the photo is A*
"He said I would do all the things he did, and more!"

Yes, as one song aptly put it- we've only just begun.
Angie said…
What a friend we have in Jesus. You put it so well. Beautiful.
He is my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The ONE that I love and adore. connie from Texas

I am glad you know HIM also.
That's truly how we should view each and every day, Mike!!!
Wanda said…
What an incredible thing, that Jesus, Author and Finisher of our faith, creator of the universe, raising the dead, walking on water, would choose to want a relationship with me! I fall to my knees in gratitude!
Thank you Mike for always inspiring us!
L.L. Barkat said…
That photo is stunning. It is the wordless answer to "who is this".