Call to Repentance

And you will also perish unless you turn from your evil ways and turn to God.
Luke 13:3 NLT

Repentance. It is an uncomfortable word, and if you're anything like me, when you hear a call to repentance there is always a 'but'. But is that really God speaking to me? But what about all the good things in my life, all the things I have given up for you Lord, all the prayer, all the worship? And what about those over there? They need to repent more than me! Often it takes a while for our spirits to catch up with what we have heard with our ears. We take offence at God's words to us and offence at the person who brought them. We begin to defend ourselves.

What we fail to see is that this is the most wonderful gift God has sent us. With that call will come a grace that will enable us to be broken over our lives. And as we come through the pain and discomfort, we will see a new way forward. God ultimately calls us to repent because He loves us. Intensely. He has amazing plans for us and is asking us to leave something behind and walk into freedom and joy and a greater awareness of His Presence than ever before. In the Bible, great things were born from repentance. God is asking us today to believe that He is calling us. What a great gift He is giving! Let's receive it in trust from our loving Father.


Marie said…
Hello MIke, thank you for visiting my blog about Montpellier.

Your photos are very beautiful.

I don't have Photoshop. The lights on the museum change their color every two minutes :-))
L.L. Barkat said…
I agree that the truth is a wonderful gift, albeit sometimes prickly in our experience of it.
Sidharth said…
Dear Mike,

Thank you for this post. Repentance is such an important part of our Christian walk. The foundations of Christianity. Repentance is often thought as being sorry for ones sins, but it goes far beyond that.

The Greek word for "repentance" is "metanos" and this means to change ones mind. That's simply what repentance means, you were thinking of going in your own paths, but you make a decision and change your mind to walk in God's path.
deenar said…
luvly pix of a man being tormented,in agony, crying out,pleading for help.our unconfessed sins results in unanswered prayers and thus separating us from god.a repentant heart-the lord inclines his ears to-sins forgiven and not remembered anymore how awesome is that!
"With that call comes a grace"- yes- and it IS a call to change our mind.
I think we're on the same page! I've been working on my women's workshop, "I've Changed My Mind" for several weeks now. And I am remembering all that led me to the point in my life when I changed my mind- and what a glorious day that was- it was a turning point!

"The path of life for a wise person leads upward in order to turn him away from hell below" Proverbs 15:24
Angie said…
We're in one accord. The Holy Spirit has been teaching me about repentance this week too.
TheNewBreed said…
that's right ! we always blame people first .. we just dont have the courage to face our mistakess ! AMEN !