Angel Dance

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There is joy in the presence of God's angels when even one sinner repents.
Luke 15:10 NLT

Luke 15 has 3 stories of lostness. The lost sheep, lost coin and lost son. But these stories are not primarily about being lost, but more about being found. And then, even more about God's celebration over us when we return. As I read these parables yesterday I was struck by the verse above. It is a verse that is quoted often but I must confess I have not really meditated on before. What an amazing thing, that when little old me comes to God in repentance, there is joy in heaven! Angels are often pushed into the back of our minds, but let's remember they are real beings, with real thoughts and feelings. I wonder how they express their emotions? Is it anything like us? Do they jump and shout, cry, dance, hug one another, crack open a bottle, let off a firework? Maybe one day we'll find out.

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I can only imagine!!!
inspired said…
maybe they do all those things, one thing a believe they shout out a heart felt cheer, YES!!!! \O/ ;]
Sidharth said…
Amen...ministering spirits sent to minister to us! I shall share with you experiences a friend of mine had with angelic beings later.

Lots of love
mary said…
Am positive the fireworks were going off mightily and that special archangel and his team making heavenly music on that most auspicious of days...
Glorious, colorful explosions of celebration over one who repents and changes their mind-
yes, I believe it just might look like that in heaven!