Look Closely....

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God created ....God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.....on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
Genesis 1:31, 2:2

Recently I went on a 4 day retreat at a beautiful place in Sussex. I was feeling run down and tired. My spiritual life was was at an all time low and I needed restoring. Life had worn me down. I was rushing from place to place with job and church pressures heavy on me. I think I had even become used to feeling tired all the time. There is so much pressure in our society to be busy. If we are not busy then we are not 'successful'. We feel guilty and the temptation to worry about finances is great. There is no time to contemplate. No time to look closely at all the wonder around us.

It was difficult for me to arrange that retreat. It took 3 goes at trying to arrange, but the fruits of it even 2 months later are tangible. I have made some changes in my job which will give me more space to do the things I want to in my life. After all, we only have one life to live. So why don't we start living it now instead of waiting for that elusive day to arrive when we will be able to breathe and enjoy. Let's take the time to stop and look closely at what God has created.


Sidharth said…
I'm blessed to see how you're hungry for Him. There's no better place to be in.

I feel you!!! couldn't have said it better. keep up the good work. happy you could take time off the presures of this life to focus on God things, I pray He satisfies your every being.

Don't give up
SuzyQ said…
Sometimes it is just so important to focus on just "being" instead of always "doing."
I'm glad you found your retreat :)
By the way your blog is beautiful.