Blog Hopping

I have been Blog hopping. It has been an interesting experience. I have landed on some blogs that I would rather not have and some that have proved a delight. I have found rubbish and I have found wonderful prose.

I wonder what bloggers expect from a blog? Do they really think that someone will actually read them? I did not expect so, but apart from the few that I invited to visit my blog it appears that some from other parts the world, as far as Brazil, have fallen over my blog and stopped to read. I find that extraordinary, and a little humbling.

I even stopped to make a comment on a fellow bloggers site, and his reaction was this:

Perhaps when I began writing these snippets of prose, these reactions to the daily flow of my life, I wondered if anyone would ever see them. Now someone has, and I perceive them as little satellite dishes, aimed outward and listening for reactions. Over my lifetime I have sometimes wondered how solitary is an individual -- no one's trajectory through time and space is like anyone else's; we begin somewhere and we end somewhere else . . . a bit of matter whizzing through existence. Sometimes we have company during our journey, and sometimes we explore on our own. When I spotted that return message, I was filled with a sense of companionship. It's good that we aren't alone
I felt good when I read that. Being filled with a sense of companionship is quite a reaction to the Musings of a Stranger the other side of the Atlantic.


Paul said…
Mike, interesting reading your blog -- and you know more about and make better use of the technology than I do, certainly. Heartwarming to see the clip of my remarks incorporated into your post! The "blogosphere" is a most interesting place to roam!
Lorna said…
hiya Mike!
not really much to do with your site, but I also use blogspot so thought I'd share and add to your list of blogs you've checked out.
Thank you SO much for the CD and guess who was playing here in KL yesterday!? Michala Petri - playing Telemann and Vivaldi.
Anyway - hope you are well
x Lorna